In order to beat the winter blues, we would any day prefer staying in, cozying up ourselves under a blanket and sipping a cup of hot chocolate rather than going out. The below mentioned accessories will keep you cozy, warm and fashionable at the same time. Here are some accessories that you can add in your winter shopping list,


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Undoubtedly the best accessory! Those who don’t own one must get a beanie for themselves during winters. Majority of the body’s heat escapes through the scalp, therefore wearing a beanie will not only provide you with great comfort but will also keep you warm as well. It would be wiser to choose a breathable quality. Beanies come in many vibrant colours and you can literally pair it up with your favourite black sweater and a pair of denim. You can wear it with a dress as well.


To add in some warmth without giving up on your style, boots are a bonus. They practically go with everything, be it jeans ,dresses or skirts. You must own a pair of boots come what may.


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Owning a decent pair of gloves is one of the best ways to stop your fingers from shivering. The classic choice when it comes to gloves is always leather. There are many types of gloves that is  available in the stores but majority of the women prefer either  thermal, wool, ribbed or waterproof gloves. If you’re looking for a luxurious feel, then choose a combination of leather and suede. 


Scarves are one of the essential winter accessories. If done right, they can complement any outfit with their layering powers. They are versatile that they can be worn during autumn as well. There are varieties of scarves available in the market that would grasp your attention. The right scarf can also be the statement piece of your entire outfit. Choose scarves that would suit your outfit and don’t hesitate to try out bold colours. You can also mix and match the scarves with your outfits, for example, wear a bright coloured scarf for a light coloured outfit and vice versa.

Leggings and down jackets also fall under the ‘must have’ fashion accessories. They go with skirts, pants and dresses. Another advantage of down jacket is that it is light and slim. Leggings come in handy during winters when you don’t want to show off your legs!