Things to Keep in Mind while Dressing for an Interview

It’s said that the way you dress says a lot about who you are especially when you’re going for an interview. Make it a point to create the first impression as the best one. You will be judged in the way you carry yourself even before you open your mouth. Presenting yourself well would automatically boost your confidence and create a positive aura around you. Here are a couple of things that one must keep in mind while dressing for an interview,

Groom Yourself

This is the first thing that should be taken care of before you decide your outfit and is applicable to both men and women. Get yourself a good haircut and keep a well trimmed beard or shave it completely. Ladies, do not break your head over a manicure or a pedicure session,  well trimmed fingernails would do just fine. Don’t forget to spray some deodorant on yourself before leaving home, also carry one without fail. If you are worried about bad breath, then brush and floss your teeth and chew on some gum.


Prioritise your Comfort

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Your comfort plays a major role here. If you are uncomfortable, then you cannot respond to your interviewer. It will be best if you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It’s not mandatory to wear new clothes or shoes when you’re going for an interview. New clothes might give you an itchy feeling or new shoes could cause a sore. Therefore, prioritise your comfort before anything. 


Say no to Flashy Stuff

Be it your outfit or shoes, don’t wear anything that’s loud. Opt for neutral colours and also explore other colours like deep green, brown, khaki, etc as well. Choose colours that flatter you. Keeping your look understated and muted would just do. A big no to flashy tops or bottoms.

Don’t over do Anything 

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Too much of anything is always bad. You don’t have to put in extra efforts to look good. Keep your outfit pressed and ready prior to the day of your interview. Don’t spoil it with too much of unnecessary accessories. A simple pair of earrings and a watch would do. Also, stick to minimal make-up.  

Make sure you keep these things in mind while you are dressing up for an interview. Walk in with confidence and a smile.