Styling Your Wardrobe like Celebrity – 5 Tips

Many of us, are passionate of buying new clothes. It is totally goes on ones perspective when it comes to fashion and trends. Some of us go behind brand and some don’t as they feel it is not worth investing on it. Well, this article will be looking forward to educate you on how to style your wardrobe like celebrity. Here are 5 tips to style your wardrobe like celebrity:

Play with Proportions 

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Celebrity usually plays around with proportions. Balance between shoes, sleeves, and hemlines are mandatory for you to get that amazing outlook. Try not to copy them but yes, at the end of the day ultimate agenda is to project yourself well! So, try to buy the clothes that match your skin texture.

  • A short skirt along with flats and long sleeved blouse can make you look attractive.
  • How about a trench coat with a short sleeved turtleneck top and denim skirt?


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Colors are something that celebrities play around with. Dressing in all one hue will make  elegant, superstar-worthy statement. It’s also a tremendous manner to attract interest to a statement-worthy hairstyle, bag, or pair of shoes. You can go for the precise identical hue, or opt for distinctive sunglasses of the same shade. You can try wearing a black jacket with black handbag, black ankle boots, black skinny jeans.

 Play Around with Patterns and Prints

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Celebrities are often seen sporting a good mix of patterns and prints. Picking up a dress material, which includes a good combination of patterns and prints is something that you have to aim for. This is supposed be one of the tips that you should have to follow to make yourself look like a celebrity.

  • Try wearing thin black and white stripes on a top, with wider black and white stripes on pants or a skirt.
  • Combine colors which might be beside every other on the shade wheel, like green and yellow.


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A pair of branded sunglasses like Oakley, Rayban, and a Tommy might go well on a denim jacket. Ensure you pick the right size.


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Celebrities may be noticed carrying white sneakers no matter the locale or season. White sneakers are comfortable even as also presenting detail of movie star fashion. You can wear them all day long, and probabilities are you already have clothing on your closet to pair them with.

Hope the article has covered all the major tips. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!