Monsoon Fashion Guide for Women’s

After hot summers, the rainy season brings joy and fresh vibes in the environment. In this season you can use some of your summer clothes, by giving it a twist. In this article we have mentioned some tips to keep it up with the fashion during monsoon for the women’s.

  • Denims – In monsoon season don’t go for tight denims. You can wear lowers, 3/4th, capris, and many other bottoms which are comfortable and will make you feel free. If you will wear tight clothes, than it will take more time to dry and will make you feel irritated and uncomfortable.
  • Feet – In the roads filled with water and mud, you need to wear comfortable foot wears. If you wear heels and go you will get stuck in the mud, so better go for comfortable shoes and sneakers. You will get variety of shoes in the market designed for rainy season, you can choose from any brands, color and size, which will suit you perfectly and help you to walk easily.
  • Indian Wear – Indian wears like kurtas, salwar suit, plazzos and cotton sarees are the best for monsoon season, as they are comfortable and get dry easily. You can look good and feel comfortable both at the same time. You can team it up with flats, to be more comfortable.


  • Fabrics – The fabrics should be chosen very wisely. You should go for fabrics like khadi, cotton, linen and sheer fabrics.
  • Color choices – Rainy season brings freshness in the mood, and for maintaining that freshness, try to wear light color clothes and one with the floral prints. Neutral colors are also the trend for monsoons. Dark colors are not at all in trend for monsoons.
  • Raincoat & Umbrella – Raincoats are always needed in monsoons, you can go with designer rain coats which will not destroy your look, instead will make you more smart and glamorous.

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  • Jumpsuits – Cotton and casual jumpsuits with bright colors are very comfortable and good for monsoons. you can try any size long, short any. Just choose the best and comfortable for yourself. You can wear it with neck piece and some makeup.

For monsoon always choose the comfortable clothes instead of going only for the fashion. You can choose bright colors and team it up with neck pieces and some waterproof makeup. We hope this article would help you to dress properly and comfortably in monsoon season.