Fashion Tips for Women Over 40

To all the women out there, it’s your fourth decade! And it is this phase where majority of the women get even more conscious about their makeup, looks and dress. You need to keep one thing in mind that your body is constantly changing and so should your clothing style. Yes it’s true that you cannot dress up like how you used to during your teenage years but you can always upgrade your style and it is very important to feel comfortable in your own skin. Buy clothes that ‘you’ love and what works best for you and not because it’s the season’s trend or your friend recommended it. Here are some fashion tips for women over 40,

Camouflage your areas 

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There are many ways to hide your problem areas. If you are not comfortable with your bulges, then just layer them up by wearing over coats. You can try over-sized shirts and pants to cover your belly. Those who don’t like their neck area can switch to turtle necks.

Focus on Clavicle and Legs

Since you’re wiser and older now, keep all those v-necks at bay and opt for an off-shoulder top or a boat neck. A knee length skirt would bring all the attention to your legs. It will also give you a sexy and a sophisticated look.


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Be it bracelets, bags, jewellery or scarves, just stock them up. Mix and match the accessories with your outfits. When it comes to bags, always buy those that you would never regret to carry around any number of times. Not many would like to wear jewellery, but this can definitely make a difference to your outfit. Just remember not to over do it. 

Find a Good Tailor

There will be times when you won’t be able to find your right size and you wouldn’t wanna let go of that nice pant or shirt. This is where a tailor comes into the picture. Find a really good tailor who would understand your problem areas. 


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Oh yes, you can always wear your favourite heels come what may! Go for a two or three inch heels and most importantly check your comfort levels. You could also choose a nice comfy shoes that would add a nice vibe to your outfits.

You can nail any outfit irrespective of your age. As the saying goes- age is just a number, therefore invest well and experiment with your style.