Best Shoes for Athletics and Runner

To start with, shoes is something that is actually needed for those athletes. Because they put lot of pressure on their feet while running and it is very much need for their comfort. Earlier, they had no shoes to run in the track but still they won many gold medals and silvers. Now that life has become very much sophisticated, and they are in need of things which have become a necessity. Nigerians never used to wear shoes but if at all you want to check the no of golds that are being hit by are still Nigerians and carribians.

Nike Shoes 

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Nike is one of the most renowned brands that each and every athletes would wish for but it is quite expensive. They are official sponsors for many international teams. Why people prefer nike? It is because of the comfort and feel that they provide. Nike as a brand has been growing exponentially and to the fact that they are doing good, you are paying so much for the brand.

Reebok Shoes

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Well, reebok was once a great band but now that there are lot of competition among footwear companies, which has made reebok a bit under shadowed. Yet they have the best running shoes for passionate athletes. When you have to compare with the pricing, Reebok is very much cheaper than nike and puma. There are other apparels that they concentrate on but if you want those shoes for fitness and running, Reebok is way to go.


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Yet again one of the renowned brands. Ferrari and BMW have made collabrations with PUMA and they put their logos on those of their sports apparels. They seem very much expensive and available in store as well as online. The price range starts with INR 4000 and might extend upto INR 20,000. Well, again it is left to you when it comes to choosing things. The comfort that you get in Puma shoes is worth spending i reckon.

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding the Best Shoes for Athletics and Runner. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments section. To all those who are willing to kich start their career as an athelte, the above-mentioned information might help you. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!