5 Fashion Fails to Avoid

Every person in the word must have tried and experimented unique fashion ideas for themselves most of them might be good as per your thoughts but a major of them were coming out to be a fashion blunder. In this article we have come up with 5 fashion fails to avoid every time you go out in public and avoid the feeling of shame of fashion blunder.

  • Avoid Socks While Wearing Sandals

Well, sandals are made and used for summers to avoid the heat, but if you put on socks while you wear sandals then you have done the biggest fashion blunder in your life. Sandals make your feet look shiny and adorable in the summers and if you try out wearing sandals with socks in winter then this is the worst fashion fail to avoid.

  • Full Sentence quotes or memes on T-shirts

You might have noticed many time people wearing T-shirts with long line quotes and memes. If you are attracted to that kind of fashion and want to impress girls with some kind of popular boyish quotes or memes then be aware that might be the biggest fashion malfunction you will do to yourself. Quotes and memes look good only on papers or social media posts not on your T-Shirts.

  • The Colour choice

Many people have their own favourite colour choices but this doesn’t clarify that you only need to wear the same colour of clothes from top to bottom. For instance, if you love the colour pink then wearing a pink top, pink trousers and then pink coloured shoes will surely take out the most hazardous fashion blunder from you. Same goes for Denim and many other choices as well.

  • Old Wrinkled Strained Clothes

If you are going for any function or a job interview then old wrinkled clothes without proper ironing and strained clothes will not be appreciated anywhere. Those type of clothes will surely make you look no brainer and people might disobey you if you have good talent in your field as well.

  • Western Clothes in Traditional Functions

If you are planning to visit any friends or family traditional function then wearing western clothes will be the worst decision of your life. Every human on that function will be wearing traditional clothes and if you wear western then you have done the biggest mistake.

These were the top 5 biggest fashion fails you must avoid making you look better in any situation. Thank you for reading.